In response to Covid 19 and the need for social distancing, I am teaching live online art classes using Zoom. Each class session is six weeks long. To participate, you will need internet and a device with a working microphone and speaker.

Once you register and pay, you will receive an email with all the class information: including the Zoom invite, materials list, and anything you will need for the first class.


Figure Drawing Fundamentals

Thursday, December 3
Friday, December 4
2 pm – 5 pm (EST)

Instructor: Claudia Selene
Professional artists in every discipline practice figure drawing to sharpen their eyes and practice keen observation and quick thinking on their feet.

During both days of this intensive workshop we will be joined on Zoom by a professional art model. Poses will progress from 1 minute to twenty-five minutes in length and I will explain and demonstrate specific methods for tackling each length of pose. If you have been wanting to explore this exciting skill, but didn't know where to start, this workshop is for you!
  • Enjoy the energy and challenge of drawing from a live model from the comfort of your home!
  • Get step-by-step instruction in the techniques and approaches used by professional fine artists, illustrators and animators!
  • Learn how to access online resources to continue your figure-drawing journey!


Mondays, November 9 – December 14
4 pm – 6 pm (EST)
(Six Weeks)

Instructor: Claudia Selene
Every type of visual art, from oil painting to architecture, begins with drawing. Your drawing abilities will determine the ease and skill with which you express yourself in any medium.

Starting with the most basic principles, each exercise in this class is designed to build and strengthen your skills so that you can more accurately and sensitively draw what you are looking at. We will spend two weeks on each drawing, allowing you to practice every stage, from basic shapes to refining a full value drawing. During each six-week session of this class we will explore different subject matter.

This session we will study:
  • Basic form as still life
  • The human hand
  • Birds and sky

This class may be repeated to strengthen and refine your skills. We practice not in order to be able to do a thing, but in order to do it easily and beautifully.

Composing a Painting

Tuesdays, November 10 – December 15
12 pm – 2 pm (CST)
(Six Weeks)

Instructor: Lenin Desol     visit website
A picture is worth a thousand words. This class will show you ways to make a picture utilizing photo reference, life, or imagination.  

  You will learn how to compose a picture with purpose, placing elements in your picture to tell the story you want to tell. You’ll learn to adjust or replace elements in a visually convincing manner. This class will also explore perspective and color as compositional tools.  

  Students will work in the drawing or painting medium of their choice. This class is recommended for students with at least foundational drawing skills.

Painting With Pastel

Tuesdays, November 10 – December 15
6 pm – 8 pm (CST)
(Six Weeks)

Instructor: Lenin Desol     visit website
Soft pastels combine the expressive mark-making of a drawing tool with the highest pigment concentration of any art medium. If you have a set lying about that you never learned to use properly, this is your chance!

Combining thorough demonstrations and a live model, this class will get you on the road to making luminous portraits and figure paintings with your new favorite medium!

Some drawing experience will be required in this class, as will a basic knowledge of color theory. We will experiment with different techniques and surfaces, and students can expect to do a minimum of 3 different poses.


Perspective, Light and Imagination

Thursday, November 12
Friday, November 13
2 pm – 5 pm (EST)

Instructor: Claudia Selene
In this intensive two-day workshop, you will gain a working knowledge of the two most basic skills needed to draw or paint realistic scenes from your imagination.

Perspective: Draw objects in space in a believable way and create dramatic effects by changing how the elements in your picture relate to the viewer.

Light: Place a believable and consistent light source into your pictures and draw the resulting shadows and cast shadows. We will practice changing where the light is coming from to create a variety of moods and also discuss how light effects composition.

You will come out of the workshop with one finished study and several thumbnail sketches demonstrating the skills you gained.

Watercolor 102

Thursdays, November 5 – December 17
(Excluding November 26)
6:30 pm – 8:30 pm (EST)
(Six Weeks)

Instructor: Claudia Selene
This class covers a fun mix of subject matter and techniques. It is also a community where you can try out and get feedback on new things, and enjoy watching your fellow art students grow and explore.

Topics for study and discussion will include:
  • Controlling washes
  • Drybrush and layering
  • Light, atmosphere and value structure
  • Composition and artistic choices
Note: This class is for students who have taken my watercolor classes before or who are familiar with the medium. Some drawing experience suggested, or you can take drawing concurrently.

Please feel free to contact me (below) if you have any questions about the classes or want help testing your device.